Experience True Human Flight

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    Indoor skydiving offers the thrill of flying acrobatically without the need to jump from an airplane or a cliff. Instead of falling through air, you’ll be floating on it in a vertical wind tunnel chamber. Strong airflow powered by fans in the floor or ceiling holds you mid-air, mimicking the sensation of falling from thousands of feet up. There’s no need for a plane, pilot, or parachute, and no built in time limit! Slight movements control your body in the wind chamber, making it easy to rise, descend or move laterally. It can be tricky at first, but with a little practice you’ll be flying like a pro!

  • Why Is Indoor Skydiving So Great?

    • You actually fly! An indoor free fall simulator delivers a real experience of flight. It turns your entire body into a wing and allows you fly through the oncoming airflow at an incredible 120 miles per hour!
    • Whether you're three or ninety three, you can fly! Indoor skydiving is an experience the whole family can enjoy.
    • Climate controlled, indoor environment.
    • No skydiving or flight experience needed.
    • No risks associated with skydiving: no airplane, parachute, or plunging toward the ground at 120 mph.
    • Skilled and highly experienced certified instructors are always by your side to ensure your experience is safe and rewarding.
    • There’s no limit to what you can learn and what you can do. The more you learn the more exciting and incredible your experience becomes. Check out our video above!
    • Are you a skydiver? Wind tunnels provide unparalleled training opportunities for experienced and novice skydivers alike. Solo, group, free-flying,, freestyle, relative work; all can be practiced in a wind tunnel at much longer durations than are possible in actual free fall.

    Photo Copyright, Stysis Enterprises, LLC.

  • Your Experience

    Your First Time

    The first time you visit FlyNY, you will be greeted by our friendly staff and given an instructional briefing so that you know exactly what to expect and how to get the most out of your experience.

    After the briefing, your instructor will help with sizing of your safety gear, which we provide, and once you’re ready you will be guided into the staging area. Now you’re ready for your first flight!

    - "But wait! I'm not a bird! I have no idea how to fly!"

    Not to worry, you will be guided by one of our professional certified body flight instructors. These guys are even better than birds!

    Your first flight will last sixty seconds. Then, after a short rest in the staging area, you get to go again! After you exit the flight chamber you will immediately see photos and videos of you flying, which you'll be able to share with all your friends.

    Your first visit will consist of two flights, sixty seconds each, and the whole visit can be expected to take approximately an hour.


    Ready For More?

    Once you have tasted the thrill and freedom of flight, you will most certainly long to expand upon your newfound ability. For our returning customers we offer time billed by the minute: typically two or three flights, two minutes in length each.

    Photo Copyright, ISG-Group. Used with permission.


    For The Pros

    Skydivers and experienced FlyNY flyers can enjoy even longer durations of uninterrupted flight. There is virtually no limit to what you can learn and how incredible your flights can be!

    Photo Copyright, ISG-Group. Used with permission.


    Contact Us

    For more information or to join our team, please contact us at


    And be sure to follow us on Twitter @FlyNYTunnel for updates on the campaign and on progress on the business. 

  • About the Business and Team

    Indoor skydiving is a mature concept implemented by dozens of successful businesses throughout the world. It is an exhilarating activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities. New York City is the most densely populated region in the United States and presents a unique, competition free opportunity.


    Julian Stysis
    Julian Stysis has a degree in business management and seventeen years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, project management, and customer service. He is an experienced skydiver and tunnel flyer and is in a unique position to market indoor skydiving to both experienced skydivers and first time flyers.


    Sergey Fedotov
    Entrepreneur, Skydiving Instructor, Risk Analyst
    Sergey Fedotov holds an MBA with concentration in finance, has ten years of experience in financial risk analysis, and sixteen years of skydiving experience with over 4,000 jumps.


    Semyon Dukach
    Semyon Dukach is an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and an accomplished mentor and adviser to startups and mature businesses alike.

Julian Stysis


Sergey Fedotov

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